Commodities offered by

InstrumentSpread (in pips)LeverageMT4 Lot SettingsTrading Hours (GMT)
Size of 1LotMin. Trade
Crude Oil0.05(USD)fixed(1)100:11,0000.0122:01-21:10
Coffee C0.5(USD)floating50:11,0000.0108:31-17:59
Sugar no.110.1(USD)floating50:110,0000.0107:31-17:59
Cotton no.21(USD)floating50:11,0000.0101:05-18:25
Natural Gas0.005(USD)floating50:110,0000.0122:01-21:10
  • Trading commences each Sunday at 22:00 GMT and closes on Friday at 21:00 GMT. There is a daily break in trading between 22:15-23:00.Opening market orders and placing orders during the daily break is not possible.
  • Due to low liquidity in global markets, between 22:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT, spreads for Gold, Silver and Oil might be widened.

Indices offered by

InstrumentSpread (in pips)LeverageMT4 Lot SettingsTrading Hours (GMT)
Size of 1LotMin. Trade
S&P 5001(USD)100:11000.0122:01-20:15
DJ 302(USD)100:11000.0122:01-20:10
NASDAQ 1001(USD)100:11000.0122:01-20:15
CAC 402(EUR)50:11000.0107:01-21:00
DAX 302(EUR)50:11000.0107:01-21:00
FTSE 10016(GBP)50:11000.0108:01-20:00
NIKKEI 225 (Japan)4(JPY)50:11000.0122:01-20:14
Hang Seng (Hong Kong)7(HKD)50:11000.0101:15-04:00, 05:02-08:15
S&P/ASX 200 (Australia)4(AUD)50:11000.0122:52-05:30, 06:15-20:00
DJ EURO STOXX502(EUR)50:11000.0107:01-21:00
FTSE / MIB (Italy)16(EUR)100:11000.0108:01-16:40
NSE NIFTY 50 (India)4(USD)50:11000.0103:31-10:00
RUSSEL2000 (US small cap 2000)0.4(USD)50:11000.0100:01-21:55
S&P/IBEX (Spain)7(EUR)50:11000.0108:01-18:55
WIG20 (Poland)1.6(PLN)50:11000.0107:31-16:25
OMXS30 (Sweden) 0.5(SEK)50:11000.0108:01-16:25
AEX (Netherlands)0.25(EUR)50:11000.0107:02-21:00
SMI (Swiss)2.00(CHF)50:11000.0107:05-20:55
MSCI (Taiwan)0.20(USD)50:11000.0100:50-05:40, 06:50-14:50

Stocks offered by

InstrumentSpread (in pips)Leverage    Commission % Per Lot    MT4 Lot SettingsTrading Hours (GMT)
Size of 1LotMin. Trade
APPLE Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
BANK OF AMERICA0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
CISCO SYSTEMS0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
eBay Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
GENERAL ELECTRIC0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
GOLDMAN SACHS0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
GOOGLE Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
INTEL Corp.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
MICROSOFT Corp.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
UBS AG0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
CHINA MOBILE0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
BAIDU Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
PETROLEO BRAS0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
AT&T Inc0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Dell Computers0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Exxon Mobil Corp0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
First Solar Inc0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Hewlett-Packard Company0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
JPMorgan Chase & Co.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Mondelez International Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Marvell Technology Group Ltd.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
MGM Resorts International0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Monsanto Company0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Morgan Stanley0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Noble Energy Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:32-20:00
Nokia Corp0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Oracle Corp.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Pfizer Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
SanDisk Corp.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Wells Fargo & Company0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
Yahoo Inc0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
COCA COLA0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
TECK Resources Limited0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0113:31-20:00
MEGAFON0.07 (USD)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:29
Samsung Electronics0.1(USD)20:10.1%1000.0108:16-15:29
BP Plc0.1(GBP)20:10.1%1000.0108:02-16:30
HSBC HOLDINGS0.1(GBP)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
TESCO Plc0.1 (GBP)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
VODAFONE GROUP0.1(GBP)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
RIO TINTO GROUP0.1(GBP)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
BANCO SANTANDER0.1(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
TELEFONICA SPAIN0.015(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
BANCO POPOLARE0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
BUZZI UNICEM0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
GENERALI ASS0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
FIAT S.P.A.(F-MI)0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
INTESA SANPAOLO0.003(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
Banca Monte Paschi Di Siena0.004(EUR)10:10.1%10,0000.0108:01-16:20
TELECOM ITALIA0.002(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
PIRELLI EC0.02(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
DAIMLER AG0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
DEUTSCHE BANK0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:02-16:25
METRO AG0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
VolksWagen AG0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
LVMH SA0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
BNP PARIBAS0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
Allianz AG0.01(EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
BMW AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
Commerzbank AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
E.ON AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
Infineon Tech0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
K+S AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
SAP AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
Siemens AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
Adidas AG0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
BASF SE0.01 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:25
CAP GEMINI0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
CARREFOUR0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
CREDIT AGRICOLE0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
EDF0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
FRANCE TELECOM0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
MICHELIN0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
SAINT GOBAIN0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
SOCIETE GENERALE0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
TOTAL0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
VINCI0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
Unicredit0.1 (EUR)20:10.1%1000.0108:01-16:30
E`EZ1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
ERSTE GROUP BANK (ERSTE)1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
KOMERE`NÍ BANKA (KOMERCNI)1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
TELEFÓNICA C.R.1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
VIG1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
NWR1.00 (CZK)20:10.1%1000.0108:17-15:14
OTP2.00 (HUF)20:10.1%1000.0108:15-15:54
MTELEKOM2.00 (HUF)20:10.1%1000.0108:15-15:54
MOL2.00 (HUF)20:10.1%1000.0108:15-15:54
APPENINN2.00 (HUF)20:10.1%1000.0108:15-15:54
PANNERGY2.00 (HUF)20:10.1%1000.0108:15-15:54
PKOBP1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
PZU1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
KGHM1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
PEKAO1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
PGE1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
TPSA1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
PKNORLEN1.00 (PLN)20:10.1%1000.0108:06-16:14
BHP Billiton (Billiton)10.00 (ZAR)20:10.1%1000.0108:05-15:55
Anglo American (Anglo)10.00 (ZAR)20:10.1%1000.0108:05-15:55
SABMiller10.00 (ZAR)20:10.1%1000.0108:05-15:55
MTN Group (MTN)10.00 (ZAR)20:10.1%1000.0108:05-15:55
Sasol10.00 (ZAR)20:10.1%1000.0108:05-15:55
GAZPROM3.00 (RUB)20:10.1%1000.0107:05-15:45
SBERBANK3.00 (RUB)20:10.1%1000.0107:05-15:45
LUKOIL20.00 (RUB)20:10.1%1000.0107:05-15:45
ROSNEFT4.00 (RUB)20:10.1%1000.0107:05-15:45

Please Note: due to trading conditions and market risk, reserves the right to widen spreads at its own discretion.

Also note:That the company may change its rollover rates from time to time as a result of changes in credit markets.

General Overview

  • Order Types: s support all order types.
  • Market Hours: s are traded according to the exchange hours of the underlying instrument.See the specific instrument for more details.
  • Spreads: spreads are based on the exchange spreads of the underlying instrument. Spreads are dynamic and may change according to market conditions.
  • Currency Conversion: With regard to instruments that are quoted in non-U.S. dollars: their profit or loss (P/L) and pip value will be converted to U.S. dollars immediately and online. For example, a profit of 20.0 points made by trading 100 lots of the DAX30 will immediately be converted into U.S. dollars according to the present EUR/USD rate.
  • Overnight Rollover: Positions left open overnight incur a charge or receive a credit against the size of the position based on the Financing Charge and the Interest Rate Differential between the underlying product and the currency in which it is traded.

    Please Note: The MT4 platform calculates overnight rollover at 21:00 GMT and the rollover charge/credit is debited or credited to and from the trading account. On Wednesday at 21:00 GMT, overnight rollover fees are multiplied by three (x3) in order to compensate for the upcoming weekend.

  • Interest Rate Differential: It is the difference in the interest rate between the product one is trading and the currency in which the product is denominated.

How to calculate overnight rollover

The Financing Charge is 1.5%. Commodities and Stocks are products that bear no interest; therefore their rate is calculated based on the denomination of the s currency. For example, FTSE is denominated in Pounds so the effective interest rate is based on the Bank of England’s rates. Currencies carry the interest rate set by the relevant central bank. For example, the present interest rate for the Euro is 1.0% as set by the European Central Bank. The Interest Rate Differential represents the difference between the interest rate of the currency and the underlying product. The greater the difference between the two, the greater the difference will be between the overnight rollover for long and short positions.

The size of the position is measured in units per 1 lot, e.g. 10 barrels = 1 lot of Crude Oil. Each also has a base value determined by If the is priced in a currency other than USD, an exchange rate determined by is used to calculate the rollover in USD.

The overnight rollover values for a particular can be seen in the Instruments window on the trading platform.

Rollover values will differ depending on whether the position held is short or long. All rollover values are per single lot and the final rollover charge or credit will be for the total amount of lots held in a position.

Example of the Crude Oil Overnight Rollover Calculation:

Crude Oil Base Value is $77.40.
U.S. Federal Reserve Interest rate: 0.25% Financing Charge: 1.5%

The Overnight Rollover Formula:
(Interest Rate Differential Financing Charge)/36000 x Base Value x Units per Lot x Relevant Exchange Rate.

A long position of 1 Lot (10 barrels) in the Crude Oil will be charged -$0.04 overnight, based on the following calculation:

– 0.25%-1.5% = -1.75%
-1.75%/36000 x $77.40 x 10 = -$0.04

A short position of 1 Lot (10 barrels) in the Crude Oil will be charged -$0.03 overnight, based on the following calculation:

0.25%-1.5% = -1.25%
-1.25%/36000 x $77.40 * 10 = -$0.03

Thus a short position of 10 lots in Crude Oil would be charged -$0.30 overnight:
10 x -$0.03 =-$0.30.

Example of the FTSE 100 Overnight Rollover Calculation:

FTSE 100 Base Value is £4970.
Bank of England Interest rate: 0.50% Financing Charge: 1.5%
GBPUSD Exchange Rate: 1.6320

The Overnight Rollover Formula:
(Interest Rate Differential Financing Charge)/36000 x Base Value x Units per Lot x Relevant Exchange Rate.

A long position of 1 Lot (1 unit) in the FTSE 100 will be charged -$0.45 overnight, based on the following calculation:

-0.50%-1.5% = -2.0%
-2.0%/36000 x £4970 x 1 x 1.6320 = -$0.45

A short position of 1 Lot (1 unit) in the FTSE 100 will be charged -$0.23 overnight, based on the following calculation:

0.50%-1.5% = -1.0%
-1.0%/36000 x £4970 x 1 x 1.6320 = -$0.23

A short position of 20 lots in the FTSE 100 would be charged -$4.60 overnight: 20 x -$0.23 =-$4.60.

Expiration of underlying instrument: Unless otherwise specified, the underlying instrument of a has an expiration date. However, you should be aware that s are not traded up until the exact expiration date of the underlying instrument. Instead, s are rolled over to the next underlying Future Price during the last weekend (before the official expiration day). This is known as the expiration rollover. If there would be any substantial price difference between the two Futures, an adjustment will be Credited or Debited from the balance of your account (subject to the open position amount of the expiring ).

This Adjustment will show up in your account under Rollover Charge and will not affect the real value of your Equity. However, you should be aware that the switch between the two Future prices of the underlying could involve a substantial price difference. Therefore, Entry Orders might be filled on Market rates rather then on the predefined rates. If you do not want to incur the price adjustment or any implication of the underlying rollover, you can close your position(s) and/or cancel Orders before the rollover date and open a new position afterwards., at its best effort, will inform customers about any projected expiration of instruments by Popup, email or through the site.

Expiration of a on the MT4 platform: The future contract on which a is based has an expiration date, and clients will be able to close their positions until this date. Positions not closed by clients by this date will be closed by at the last available price. Approximately 3-5 days before expiring, a new based on the next future contract will begin trading. During this period, no new positions can be opened in the old contract.


Margin Requirement: All positions carry margin requirements between 2% and 5% (depending on the individual ). You are required to keep funds in your account as collateral for the transaction amount of each .

The margin requirement must be maintained to keep your position open. Should the equity value of the account drop below the minimum margin requirement, additional funds must be added.

Margin Calls:

  • Customers will get an automatic margin call notification when logged into the trading platform if the Equity should, at any time, equal or fall below 100% of the Used Margin. – at its best effort – will notify the customer about the breach of Equity below minimum margin requirements by phone call, email, SMS or popup in the trading platform.
  • If the Equity should, at any time, equal or fall below 20% of the Used Margin for a customer’s account in the aggregate, will liquidate any part of, or all of the Open Positions in a customer’s account. Closure of positions will be done on the basis of best execution prices available to at that time.
  • Customers are responsible for placing their own Stop Loss Orders to minimize losses.
  • In addition, may, from time to time and at our best effort, contact a customer and request that said customer will deposit additional Collateral to secure his or her obligations. Any call for additional margin shall not be deemed precedent for future call nor future waiver of liquidation rights by