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Gain exposure to an array of Equity Market Indices with Index s. These s track the price changes of leading equity markets (of global exchanges). Trade the FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, Hong Kong Hang Seng and others!

Extremely Tight Spreads

At forexwebsolutions.com you can trade these instruments with no commissions or fees – our competitive pricing enables you to take full advantage of online Index trading!

Leverage of up to 100:1

Trade Indices with forexwebsolutions.comand use higher leverage than what is readily available in the market.

Trading Signals

iforex24.com has partnered with Trading Central, an industry leading signal provider, to offer you signals straight from the trading platform.

About Indices

InstrumentSpreadsLeverage*    Trading Hours (GMT)
S&P 5001.75 (USD)100:122:01 – 20:15
DJ 305 (USD)100:122:01 – 20:10
NASDAQ 1002 (USD)100:122:01 – 20:15
CAC 403.5 (EUR)50:107:01 – 21:00
DAX 303.5 (EUR)50:107:01 – 21:00
FTSE 1003.5 (GBP)50:108:01 – 20:00
NIKKEI 225 (Japan)15 (USD) per lot50:122:01 – 20:14
Hang Seng (Hong Kong)15 (USD) per lot50:101:15 – 04:00, 05:02 – 08:15
S&P / ASX 200 (Australia)15 (USD) per lot50:122:52 – 05:30, 06:15 – 20:00
DJ EURO STOXX5015 (USD) per lot50:107:01 – 21:00
FTSE / MIB (Italy)15 (USD) per lot100:108:01 – 16:40
NSE CNX NIFTY 50 (India)15 (USD) per lot50:103:31 – 10:00
SGX CNX NIFTY Index (India)15 (USD) per lot50:103:31 – 10:00
RUSSEL2000 (US small cap 2000)15 (USD) per lot50:100:01 – 21:55
S&P/IBEX Madrid 35 (Spain)15 (USD) per lot50:108:01 – 18:55
SMI 20 (Swiss)15 (USD) per lot50:107:05 – 20:55
MSCI (Taiwan)15 (USD) per lot50:100:50 – 05:40, 06:50 – 14:50
VIX15 (USD) per lot50:113:31-20:10
TVIX Velocity Shares Daily x215 (USD) per lot50:113:31-20:10
TSX 6015 (USD) per lot50:113:31-20:10
IBovespa 50 Brazilian Index15 (USD) per lot50:113:31-20:10
Tokio Stock Price Index 100 15 (USD) per lot50:122:01 – 20:14
MSCI Singapore Index15 (USD) per lot50:122:01 – 20:14
USNDX US Dollar Index15 (USD) per lot50:122:01 – 20:15
AEX Amsterdam 25 Exchange15 (USD) per lot50:107:01 – 21:00

* Leverage is estimated and depends on the real-time value of the instrument

Trading Hour

With iforex24.com you can trade global Indices from your local desktop! From popular American Indices such as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P, to major European Indices such as the FTSE, CAC 40, DAX 30, to far-East favorites such as the NIKKEI, Hang Seng and S&P/ASX 200! Trading hours vary from instrument to instrument; please see the above table for details.

Trading Conditions

For more information about Indices Trading Conditions, please visit Trading Condition

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