Why Trade Gold & Silver with iforex24?

Competitive Pricing

Commission FREE Gold and Silver trading! iforex24 works with leading global banking institutions to bring you the best available prices!

Trade with Leverage

Unlike the futures market which only offers you limited leverage (25:1), with iforex24.com you can trade Gold and Silver using generous leverage of up to 100:1.

24 Hour Dealing Desk Support

Dedicated to your successful trading experience, iforex24 strives to provide you with the best service possible! Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned pro, access our 24 hour Dealing Desk for expert support!

Easy and Efficient Trading Platform

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About Gold & Silver

InstrumentSpreads(as low as)Leverage*Trading Hours (GMT)
Gold0.7 (USD)*fixed100:122:01 – 21:10
Silver0.7 (USD)*fixed100:122:01 – 21:10
Palladium15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Platinium15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Aluminum15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Cooper15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Lead15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Nickel15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Tin15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10
Zinc15 (USD) per lotvariable ECN50:122:01 – 21:10

*During daily breaks, spreads are doubled

Trading Hour

Gold and Silver is traded from Sunday at 22:00 GMT to Friday at 21:10 GMT.

Please Note: due to low liquidity in global markets, between 21:10 GMT and 22:00 GMT, Gold and Silver will be closed for trading.

Be advised that if market liquidity remains low after 22:00 GMT, spreads might widen.

Trading Conditions

For more information about Gold & Silver trading conditions, please visit the Trading Conditions page.

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